Wednesday October 14, 2009                                                           

  • Today was the first time that we met with Dr. Swanbom and Dr. Tims as a whole group.  We discussed some of their general expectations for our project.  We are expected to design carbon fiber wheels for the Urban Car.  We are also to develop a fabrication process that can easily be replicated by the Eco-car team.  We are going to select a wheel and tire which we will purchase and use to guide our wheel dimensions.  We will strive to produce a finished product by the Shell Eco-marathon on March 26-28.  At the end of this meeting, we set out to decide on the wheels that we are to buy, have some concepts modeled in Solid Works and begin research the mechanical properties of carbon fiber.  We will hold weekly meetings with Dr. Swanbom at 1:00 PM on Fridays.
Friday October 30, 2009                                                                  

  • During our meeting with Dr. Swanbom we determined that 1:00 PM on Fridays would not be optimal for all group members, so we decided to change our weekly meeting time with Dr. Swanbom to 4:30 PM on Thursdays.  A discussion about different ways to "true" the wheel with different mold possibilities and hub placement also took place.  The meeting with Dr. Swanbom was fairly short.  We had a team meeting later to discuss the evaluations given to each other on our TLA assignment.  Each of us took a turn to talk about the evaluation we gave to each member and how we felt that member was performing in the group so far.  After everyone took his turn, we then discussed some group action plans to try to get the design project moving a little faster and more efficiently.  Some action plans included holding each other accountable for having an action item prepared for the following meeting and trying to get some tentative deadlines set up.

Tuesday November 3, 2009                                                              

  • This meeting consisted of just our group, no faculty members. During the previous meeting, we each agreed to read the chapter on wheels and tires in the book named "The World's Most Fuel Efficient Vehicle". First we discussed our interpretation, misunderstandings, and questions each one of us had regarding the chapter. We then discussed the relevance the book's design had regarding our design. Once we finished discussing the relevance, we made a list of action items we need to accomplish before the next meeting and assigned each group member with a specific task. We will be meeting with Dr. Swanbom on Thursday at 4:30 P.M. then as a group afterwards. The approximate time of this meeting was an hour and a half.

 Monday November 16, 2009                                                              

  • In order to work on our proposal presenation and report two meetings were conducted -one on November 15 and the other on November 16. On november 15th we discussed about criteria , gant chart ,decision matrix ,budget estimation and various tentative concepts for our design of the carbon fiber wheel. The four hours long meeting was concluded with the complete designs of gant chart,decision matrix and five intitial concepts of our design. On November 16 we worked on budget estimation , proposal presentation and proposal report. It took three hours to come up with complete presenation and report for project proposal.
Tuesday December 8, 2009                                                                

  • We discussed some of the questions that we will need to ask our friends at Composite Acoustics when we visit them next week.  We have been studying a textbook on composite  materials, but their experience and advice is invaluable.  We are still in need of a sure way to predict the behavior of the carbon fiber in compression.  We have found a suitable tire, but have yet to find a wheel to fit the tire.
Thursday December 10, 2009                                                             

  • Today we made some progress on the loads that we can expect the wheels to see during the race.  Using a speed of 40 mph, we calculated the stopping torque that would yield a reasonable stopping distance.  We will be using a slightly overestimated value to be on the safe side.

Monday December 17, 2009                                                                

  • A visit to Composite Acoustics,a carbon fibre guitar company,  was conducted  to get some suggestations regarding the use of carbon fibre in  the manufacturing of the carbon fibre wheels. The interaction with the chief engineer, Mr. Ellis , was really informative .He suggested important ideas about the carbon fiber layout  and gave helpful comments into our ideas. We also got an opportunity to take a tour of the guitar manufacturing plant, and the tour was really helpful as some of the steps of the guitar manufacturing process are required in our project .
Friday January 8,2010

  •  Today we discussed about  the preliminary design presentation and preliminary design report that are due next week. As part of preparing preliminary design report we tried to call several companies that can supply or  donate materials like bearing and foam. We  did engineering analysis of our carbon fiber wheel in SolidWorks to verify that the materials that we are going to buy meet the required specifications.  We also meet with our faculty mentor, Dr. Swanbom  in order to decide the density of the foam that we require as a core material for the carbon fiber wheel. Finally, we concluded that tooling foam having 12 pond per cubic feet is best for our purpose. 
Friday January 15,2010

  • Before we want to finalize the ordering of the tooling foam, we decided to meet Mr.Troy, a LATech staff who operates 3-axis CNC router in south campus. According to him, he said that the equipment can cut the tooling foam and will  let us use the equipment to cut the  foam.
Monday February 8, 2010

  •  To aid in our engineering analysis of the carbon fiber wheel we required to have some specific properties of the carbon fiber composite that we are going to use to build the wheel. In order to  find the modulus of elasticity we decided to perform two experiments such as Three Point Bending Testing and Compression Testing. We worked on the methodology of the experiment and came up with some governing equations for the experiment that we are going to perform.
Friday February 12, 2010

  •  Today we performed three point bending and compression testings after making  12 samples of carbon fiber plates  from the carbon fiber disks that we fabricated  for MEEN-486 project. Since we will be using the same carbon fiber , we decided to make samples from those carbon fiber disks. The experiment was conducted with the help of Dr. Swanbom who helped in recording the data and  Dr. Tims who let us use  his high speed camera to record the data.
Thursday February 19, 2010

  • We discussed about the detailed design presentation and detailed designed report that is about to due next week. We also tried to contact the vendors for  bearing and tooling in order to find about prices. In a brief meeting with Dr. Swanbom and Dr. Tims we discussed about standard of the bearing that we need and the budget allocated for it .   

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